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The Pulse Of Perfection

In 1989 we decided to take on ourselves the responsibility to try and define what is love. Days and nights of endless dreams, thoughts about romance, passion and lovers energy finally led to the birth of the perfect heart.The Lady Hart was born an original and classic setting renowned among the most exclusive stores around the globe and receiver of four international patents for cut and design. The Lady heart symbol of love.

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The Perfect Gift

The heart shape will last for etirnity, and so are Lady Heart’s jewelry. The perfet gift that will fill your life with real beauty and happiness, a gift that will fill extraordinary abundance. The most exciting events in life are those we will never forget and for such events the Lady Heart was born to leave a mark forever and ever.

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Lady Heart Collection

The Lady Heart collection offers daring designs that retain the refinement of classic diamond jewelry while still adding a striking touch with its breathtaking heart-shaped diamond creation.The Lady Heart emits more brilliance than a single diamond and appears larger than a traditional heart-shaped diamond. The setting of three diamonds resulting a passionate collection of magnificent jewelry.

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Flame Of Love

Flame, The new cut. A brand new source of light, The Flame Diamond. This completely unique new cut is designed to capture the passion of fire , the glow of the flame, the heat of the moment. Exquisitely shaped and faceted, the Flame takes diamonds to a whole new level of beauty and brilliance

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