When innovation and brilliance meet, lady heart is unveiled, welcoming the two lady cut diamonds hugging a princess cut stone. this is the pulse of perfection.

Lady Cut

Lady cut stones are cut in steps with each stone of 57 facets (On average) , creating a half moon diamond cut, which produces the lady heart. this invention is an original way of forming the classic heart shape which has received 4 international patents for cut , design and rapidly acknowledge recognition worldwide.

The Lady Heart symbol of love

Sparkle & brilliance

This unique setting maximizes the brilliance and enabling it to break through at the highest level of shininess, much more than a single diamond

Perfect Heart shape

The Setting of the three stones allows us to produce consistently the perfect heart shape diamond in a various of carat sizes.


Lady heart surface area is larger than the traditional heart shape giving it a larger appearance than the traditional heart-shaped diamond of equal carat weight.


The Flame Cut is lady’s heart unique creation. So unique that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has, for the first time in history, allocated a new shape in its grading reports to describe the cut with its branded name: Flame Step Cut. This radiant flame encapsulates the essence of elegance and offers exciting new possibilities in original jewelry designs.